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180 Days of Problem Solving for Fourth Grade : Practice, Assess, Diagnose




Publication Date          2016
ClassDisplay               Grade 4
Publisher                   Shell Educational Publishing
Author                      Chuck Aracich
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       224
ISBN                         9781425816162


Demystify your fourth grade students and build their confidence as they approach multi-step, higher level word problems with 180 Days of Problem Solving. With the changes in mathematics, teachers need an easy-to-use classroom resource that goes beyond routine word problems so fourth grade students can gain a deeper understanding to advance to the next level. Each week students are introduced to a standards-aligned problem solving skill. Within each weekly thematic unit, students will explore visual representations, analyze different approaches, discover diverse ways to handle non-routine problems, and see how these skills apply in real-life situations. Aligned with national standards, 180 Days of Problem Solving prepares students for college and career readiness.