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1, 2, 3 Suddenly in Egypt : The Eye of Horus




Publication Date         2011
Age Display               9-12 years
Publisher                   B.E.S. Publishing
Author                      Cristina Falcon Maldonado
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       35
ISBN                         9780764145841


Young Martin’s grandfather was once a world explorer, and now he has given Martin a key that opens the door to his secret storeroom. That’s where Grandpa keeps a very special travel album and a magic necklace that can transport Martin to different faraway places. On Martin’s arrival in each country, he is greeted by friendly hosts who show him important places to visit, introduce him to the local culture, and teach him several simple phrases in the country’s language. The color-illustrated books in the “1, 2, 3” series offer kids fascinating reading experiences while also introducing them to different people and cultures around the world. In this book, a sandstorm greets Martin as he visits Egypt’s great Sphinx. He goes on to explore the pyramids, where he learns about ancient Egypt’s pharaohs, and then he travels to the Valley of Kings, to Luxor, once the capital of ancient Egypt, and to Karnak, the city of ancient temples. He also finds time to tour modern Cairo, where he learns about Ramadan, Arab food, and Egyptian history. Companion volumes to this fascinating book take Martin on exciting journeys to several other countries.